Corporate classes

Centre Yoga Plus is proud to offer our corporate services to your employees.

They will be able to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi within the context of their work day. It has been proven that correct exercice improves mental and physical health, increases concentration and energy level, invigorates and improves mind/body/spirit conection.

Hatha yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi classes

• Safe for everyone, adaptated to each person’s needs;
• Given by devoted, certified teachers;
• The class consists of a mix of postures, mouvement and breathing among other techniques;
• Calm and relaxing atmosphere (music, candles, etc…).

Practical Info

price for a 60 min. class  in your working place or in our studio

. 85$ a class if 8 people or less

. 110$ a class if 9 to 15 people

. 140$ a class  if 16 to 20 people

We put everything in place to easily integrate into your business’ tight schedule and specific needs.