14 people maximum, please register before attending.
You CAN NOT use your membership card to participate in these activities.

Saturdays practices are from 9h30 to 11h30, every 2 weeks.

Hatha Yoga classes following Swami Gitananda’s teachings to practice dynamic postures (Kriyas); static postures (Asanas); explore breathing techniques (Pranayama) and concentration (Dharana) ones. A bit of Pilates in order to strengthen the core structures of the body.

Dates:                                                                                              Prices:

January 20                                                April 14                25$ each individual class

February 3                                                 April 28              200$ the six of them

February 17                                                May 12                if payed in advance

March 3                                                      May 26

March 17                                                    June 9


Knowing oneself is an adventure that I invite you to undertake in order to get in touch and contemplate your body’s biomechanics from the inside as well as from an anatomical perspective to help you recognize restrictions, strengths, flexibility…

One Sunday per month, from 9:00 to 16:00

-Hips and Pelvic girdle                                      

-Breathing and its anatomical dimension

- Pelvic Floor and the Breath

-Shoulders and arms

- Philosophy of Yoga

14 participants maximum


90$ per workshop

430$ the 5 workshops

for more details please go to the French version of Events

Seva Yoga

You wish to take yoga classes at our studio but your tight budget won’t allow it? In exchange for your services at the studio, we can offer you free yoga classes. For more information : Contact us